About Institute

The European Institute of Environmental Energy Poland commenced its activities in Poland in May 1994.

The decision to create EIEE Poland was made in view of the significant achievements of Poland in the domain of conservation of energy and environmental protection.

The scope of the Institute includes Poland and other Central and Eastern European countries. The mission of the Institute includes consulting, editorial, and education activities. The Institute is responsible for issues related to thermo-modernization, energy conservation and renewable energy sources.

The Institute Board is represented by Lilla LESIAK. She is simultaneously the Director of the Institute, managing its current activities.

The Institute prepares financing studies for ecologically – friendly projects, basing on national and foreign resources, including resources of ecology funds, assistance funds, and funds provided by a debt-for-environment swap of the Polish national debt.

The Institute provides studies on financing pro-ecological projects based on national and foreign funds, including funds from environmental funds and debt-for-environment funds from Poland.

The Institute appears as the main consultant in a number of projects related to financing investments using the ESCo system, i.e. financing by a “third – side” and performance contracting.

Partners of the Institute include: local government units of all levels, universities, cultural institutions, churches and religious associations, housing cooperatives and condominiums, health centers and industrial facilities throughout the country.

Employees of the Institute have performed over 3500 energy audits according to the requirements of the Thermal Modernization Act, prepared in such a manner as to guarantee obtaining the thermal modernization bonus or other preferential financing, including lighting audits, ex-ante and ex-post audits as well as energy performance certificates.

The Institute prepared technical documentation and financial engineering for several dozen projects related to renewable energy sources, including solar panels, photovoltaics, heat pumps, biomass boilers, wind farms, biogas plants, and cogeneration systems.

The Institute provides not only applications for preferential funding but also implements energy efficiency measures, supervises construction work, provides legal advices, prepares ornithological expertise, develops project documentation and Feasibility Studies, executes financial settlements of projects as well as verifies and confirms the ecological impact.

Moreover, the Institute on behalf of The National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management verified other entities’ applications submitted to the Green Investment Scheme Programme.

The Institute since its foundation is nonprofit organization. Remuneration for the implementation of financial montage is based on a “success fee” rule, only after getting the grant from preferential financing Investor is obliged to make payments for Institute.