Cooperation/ Partnership

Institute’s contractors include:

  • local government units: governor offices, counties, towns and communes
  • universities
  • churches
  • housing cooperatives and unions
  • health care facilities
  • hotels, resorts and spas
  • companies

EIEE Poland in cooperation with major fair events, participated in the Programme Councils or jury Fair: HEAT in Gdańsk (Organizer – Gdańsk International Fair Co.), ECODOM in Katowice (Organizer – International Katowice Fair) and THERM in Warsaw (Organizer – Working base). Together with the International Fair from Gdańsk SA, International Trade Fair and Advertising Office Katowice SA preparing seminars accompanying Fair.

During various meetings EIEE Poland hosted in Poland representatives of the energy and environmental protection in the countries of Western Europe, Central and Eastern Europe, particularly Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Hungary and Germany.

The Institute has prepared a five International Debate, 3 times participated in the organization of the International Seminar and Exhibition “Modernity in the Polish district heating.” On 26-28 November 1999, he was responsible for organizing the rally in Poland II Green in Central Europe, in which European parliamentarians met with representatives of 11 countries, with the participation of representatives of the Polish parliament and government.