The announcement of new contests to subsidize up to 95% of project! Only till 31.01.2014! – VI contest GIS “Energy management in public buildings”.

We would like to inform you about the possibility of obtaining preferential subsidies for energy-saving measures that could substantially reduce operating costs for public buildings. This funding is planned from 9.12.2013 only till 31.01.2014. – cilck here


Energy saving measures could include:

  • insulation of exterior walls, roofs, floors, basements;
  • replacement of windows and doors;
  • modernization of central heating and hot water;
  • replacement or modification of the heat source;
  • installation of solar panels for hot water heating;
  • exchange of energy-efficient lighting;
  • energy management system.

These activities may be included in the project, provided that the energy audits confirm the validity of the test.

It is possible to obtain financing up to 95% of the project, including 30% of the grant with the possibility of extending it to 50% and up to 60% loan interest rate of 3-month Wibor increased by 0.5 percentage points (the total funding in the form of grants and loan may not be higher than 95% of eligible costs).

This loan is granted for a period of up to 15 years one-year grace period on principal repayment, calculated from the date of completion of the task, which will generate savings that can be used repayment obligations.

It is possible to apply only for grant.


In most developed by our Institute of requests for previous competitions GIS by terms of costs already incurred on energy saving measures, we acquired 100% of Treasury funding in the form of grants, the other to do the work, guaranteeing energy savings.

The requirement to obtain a formal guarantee this funding will have energy audits by the amended Act, or the conversion of audits produced by the old laws and standards, and submit the application to the task of more than 2 million PLN and a min. 40% savings.

Probably it will be possible to pass the value of the project cost of energy saving measures, from 01.01.2009 year.

In order to obtain the maximum amount of up to 100% of the costs for the implementation of the remaining non-refundable funding (grant is calculated on the total task, which can be summed up as some of the costs incurred), the optimal solution would be to include in the design of objects, in which a large part of the work was carried out energy, which we consider credit as an eligible job.

That can’t be included in the design of buildings in which energy saving measures have already been implemented.

It is necessary to realize in these areas activities such as the replacement of energy-efficient lighting and energy management.

Form the tasks must be excluded activities financed from the Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment, the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management I, II, III, IV and V Competition GIS.

There is the possibility of a joint under the Agreement with the other owners or managers of public buildings.

In the situation  when in application would be more than one entity, must be greater more than 5 millions PLN.

Such an agreement may be limited only to the joint administration of the grant, all other actions, such as signing a loan, selecting contractors, execution of works and settlement tasks can be performed separately.

Partners of Agreement establish the principle of separation of funds raised between them.

These funding schemes can be combined with funds from the Regional Operational Programme, the Regional Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management, the State Fund for Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons, those from the Marshal’s Office, the Law “thermo-modernization and Repair” and funding for a third party to finance the repayment of the guaranteed of the resulting savings.

This funding does not include buildings where commercial activity is carried out on an area of ​​more than 50% of the building.

If the surface is less than 50%, the building may be included in the project, but preferential funding will not be covered by the commercial part.

We would like to inform you that our Institute is open to the preparation of a complete application form to obtain funding from the National Fund. Our Institute operates as a rule, on a “payment by result”, or payment from you shall be made after the grant award.

Our Institute can participate in the preparation or updating of energy audits, determining the extent of such activities, allowing the acquisition of preferential financing.

If we associate with the full contract partners on financial engineering, it is possible to provide discounts of 25% on the valuation of the Association of Energy Auditors.

We guarantee the performance of audits against the requirements outlined above in the financing system and application changes and providing explanations on the dates indicated by the financing institutions, in 3 days.

All application forms prepared by our Institute received funding. As a proof we include on our web page list of completed projects and sample letters of reference.

The Institute was also responsible on behalf of the National Fund’s assessment of other entities that have been submitted to the Fund under the GIS.

We invite to contact us.

I remain sincerely


President of the Board

EIEE Poland