The call for the proposals according to the “Support for scattered, renewable energy sources program. Part 4) Prosumer – financing line for the purchase and installation of renewable energy micro-installations sources “implemented by local government units (Part 4a).

We would like to inform that the National’s Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management call for applications for funding projects on a continuous basis within the framework of the priority program “Support for distributed, renewable energy sources. Part 4) Prosumer – line financing for the purchase and installation of renewable energy micro-installations sources” implemented by local government units (Part 4a) has been announced.

The receipt of applications takes place from 26.05.2014 and last until the funds are exhausted.
The calls will be accepted via Generator Applications for Funding (GWD).

The program is aimed at the local government units and their associations.

Subsidy according to “Prosumer”, will includes Renewable Energy installations, such as:
• solar collectors, heat pumps and biomass-fired heat source, with an installed thermal capacity to 300 kWt,
• PV systems, small wind turbines and micro-cogeneration with an installed capacity of electricity to 40 kWe.

Amount of grant – depending on the type of source – will be in the range of 20 to 40% (15% or 30% after 2015).
Loan amount up to 100% complementary funding will be granted for a period of 15 years with an interest rate of 1% per annum.
Funding is 100% of eligible project costs. It is issued in the form of a loan with a subsidy, covering both the purchase and installation of a small or micro-renewable energy installations.

The maximum amount of eligible costs of purchase and installation is:
• in the case of natural persons:
– One source of heat or electricity – 100 000 zł,
– Several sources of heat or electricity – 150 000 zł.
• in the case of a community or cooperative housing:
– One source of heat or electricity – 300 000 zł,
– Several sources of heat or electricity – 450 000 zł.

We would like to inform you that our Institute can take an active part in the preparation of the project concept, guaranteeing acquisition financing, including any meetings with the residents of the buildings Cooperative, explaining the aims and benefits of participation in the program.
In addition, we offer a complete application form preparation in order to obtain financing. The Institute usually works with “payment of effect”
rule, which means that payment from your side is made after the grant award.

Our Institute can also participate in the preparation, or updating, the necessary documentation defines the scope of actions taken, allowing for the acquirement of preferential financing.
We would like to inform that all the application forms prepared by our Institute in the framework of co-financing from the National Fund received funding.

Our interaction may also cover verification of the ordered heat and electricity power and advice on the possible revision of tariffs, paid from savings.

Hoping for a future cooperation,

I remain sincerely


Chairman of the Board
EIEE Poland