The Contest for funding up to 80% of the task’s cost in the EEA FUNDS 2009-2014 OPERATIONAL PROGRAMME PL04 “SAVING ENERGY AND PROMOTING RENEWABLE ENERGY” has been announced! Completion of the application only till 15.09.2014!

We would like to inform that recruitment for the program “Saving energy and promoting renewable energy sources” in the Norwegian Financial Mechanism has began, implemented by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management. The call for proposals will run from 07.07.2014 until 15.09.2014. click here

Therefore, we would like to inform you about possibility preferential financing for energy saving measures, which could reduce the operating costs for the buildings belonging to public and private entities performing public tasks.

Following the previously applicable rules, we would like to inform that the activities will include improving energy efficiency in buildings, including:
• insulation of external walls, roofs and possibly basement ceilings,
• replacement of windows and doors,
• modernization of central heating and hot water,
• replacement or modification of the source of heat (district heating)
• the use of renewable energy sources,
• energy management,
• replacement old lighting with energy-efficient – as an activity associated with thermo-modernization efforts.
These activities will be able to be included in the project, only if the eco-efficiency audits confirm the validity of their need.

The level of funding for the project will depend on the result of the environmental effect, intended to achieve as a result of its implementation, which is defined as the amount of reduction or avoidance of CO2 emissions. The maximum subsidy can be till 80% of the total eligible costs in the form of non-repayable grants.

The minimum value of a single project financing from the Financial Mechanism and the Norwegian Financial Mechanism will amount to the equivalent of 170,000 euro (around 711,127 zł).

Our Institute can assist with:

• preparation eco-efficiency audits or verification audits in the fulfillment of recruitment criteria.
• preparation of the concept that ensures obtaining financing,
• preparation a grant application with attachments,
• completing the documentation necessary to submit an application.

Please note that the all application forms prepared by our Institute in c competitions of Norwegian Financial Mechanism and the Green Investment Scheme received funding.
To show our reliable experience we include information about the Institute and sample letters of reference on our website.

The Institute was also responsible on behalf of the National Fund’s assessment of other entities that have been submitted to the Fund under the Competition GIS.

This experience guarantees you the support of our Institute in applications preparing, optimized from the point of view of recruitment.

Hoping for a future fruitful cooperation,

I remain sincerely

Chairman of the Board
EIEE Poland