Thermo – Modernization Projects

Energy Audits

Employees of the Institute have performed over 3500 energy audits according to the requirements of the Thermal Modernization Act, prepared in such a manner as to guarantee obtaining the thermal modernization bonus or other preferential financing, including lighting audits, ex-ante and ex-post audits as well as energy performance certificates. They guaranteed a thermo-modernization bonus or other preferential financing.

The buildings were provided with heat from a number of sources, from local boiler houses through electric boilers to centralized municipal boilers. A number of audits concerning the heat sources themselves was also performed.

The energy audits indicated optimal solutions in the field of energy efficiency improvement, in particular promoting its comprehensive dimension, i.e. deep energy modernization, including the possibility of exchanging heat sources and the possibility of using renewable energy sources (as an element of the project), combined with:

  • windows and doors replacement,
  • insulation of building’s external partitions,
  • modernization of heating system and hot utility water installations,
  • modernization of heat sources for heating systems and hot utility water installations, including replacement of a boiler with or without changing the fuel or connection to power grid,
  • transition to energy efficient lighting,
  • reconstruction of heating systems,
  • construction or reconstruction of ventilation and air-conditioning systems with recuperation,
  • installation or reconstruction of cooling systems,
  • installation of renewable energy sources,
  • implementation of building energy management systems (BEMS),
  • installation of micro-cogeneration and micro-trigeneration for own needs,
  • construction or reconstruction of internal receiving installations.

Energy audits were prepared in accordance with applicable law and in accordance with the requirements of the competition regulations, taking into account the project selection criteria so as to guarantee obtaining funding. Solutions proposed in energy audits mostly resulted in an increase in energy efficiency above 60%.

The Institute since its foundation is a nonprofit organization. Remuneration for the implementation of financial montage is based on a “success fee” rule, only after getting the grant from preferential financing Investor is obliged to make payments for Institute.

The Institute provides consulting concerning the staging of thermal modernization, energy conservation investments and environmental protection.


RES Projects

The Institute has prepared technical documentation (including Feasibility studies) and financial engineering for several dozen projects related to renewable energy sources, including solar panels, heat pumps, biomass boilers, wind farms, biogas plants and cogeneration systems.

We are ready to provide project financing on preferential terms, including ensurance to maximize the possible amount of non-refundable funds (grants, redemptions). We offer a wide range of services for various entities, for more information PRESS HERE (OFFER).

Considering RES project, we can also provide:

  • obtaining licenses for the production and transmission of energy,
  • obtaining certificates,
  • estimates of capital and profits,
  • installation projects,
  • power grid connection,
  • technology selection,
  • obtaining necessary environmental documentation such as environmental permits and ornithological expertise,
  • supervision or preparation documentation projects and estimates of project costs along with obtaining all the permits required by law.